Do You Wish You had the Time to Come Up with Healing,
Creative & Nourishing Meals Every Night?

Do You Want to Start a Clean Eating & Anti-inflammatory Diet,
but Feel Overwhelmed?

What if every night you could make your family
healthy, clean-eating dinners…
easily, and with no added stress?

What if you could have an entire month’s worth of
menus and recipes created with anti-inflammatory foods,
developed by a bestselling author of an anti-inflammatory diet?

Now you can have it ALL with
30 Eat Clean Dinners!

Clean Cuisine

Bestselling author Ivy Larson, Founder of & Creator of “30 Eat Clean Dinners”


Why Should You Eat Clean Foods?

Clean, anti-inflammatory foods have been getting tremendous media buzz lately, and for good reason!

Eat Clean Dinner

Roasted Vegetable Chili on Page 68

Did you know anti-inflammatory foods can slow the aging process, protect against disease, improve your appearance, reduce wrinkles, help you lose weight and give you off-the-chart-energy too?

When we think about inflammation, we picture the redness and swelling we see when we have a visible injury. That’s your body’s healing reaction, bringing nutrients to an injured area.

But many of the foods we eat on a regular basis create inflammation internally. Pro-inflammatory foods are the root cause of some of our most serious illnesses. When we eat inflammatory foods it turns our body’s cells against us, accelerates the aging process and makes us feel sick and tired.

Just a few of the conditions that benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet include:

Heart Disease
Type 2 Diabetes
Multiple Sclerosis
Skin Conditions such as
Eczema, Acne, Wrinkles & Psoriasis

Eat Clean Dinner

Vegetable Thai Curry on Page 27

When we eat a clean, anti-inflammatory diet we feel better, age slower, look more vibrant, and have more energy. We even lose weight without counting calories and without feeling hungry!


But Who has Time to Learn How to Follow an Anti-inflammatory Diet, Search for Anti-inflammatory Diet Recipes & Assemble Shopping Lists of Unfamiliar Ingredients?


With the 30 Eat Clean Dinners menu collection, Ivy has done the work for you! She has put together a whole month’s work of easy, well-balanced and nourishing dinners.
Ivy will teach you about ingredients you may not be familiar with
and tell you where to find them if your local store doesn’t carry them.

She’s even given you shopping lists for each week…
One list for cooking for two people and one list for cooking for four people!

Planned Anti Inflammatory Menu

Right from 30 Eat Clean Dinners- Week One

“I really love 30 Eat Clean Dinners. The recipes are healthy, interesting and simple. But what makes this cookbook really fantastic are the pre-arranged weekly menus AND GROCERY LISTS! I just print out each week’s list and I’m ready to go shopping. When I get home after a busy day, I know exactly what I’m going to cook. It’s just as easy as crummy frozen food but a million times more delicious and healthy.” – Julia Rymut


Do Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recipes Actually Taste Good?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Rest assured, the 30 Eat Clean Dinners menu collection offers high flavor food made with realingredients that even your not-so-health-conscious family members are guaranteed to fall in love with.

Anti Inflammatory Recipe

Creamy Avocado Dressing on Page 33

30 Eat Clean Dinners is filled to the brim with page after page of irresistibly delicious dinners. Learn how to make the bold, sophisticated dinners Ivy creates for her family on an everyday basis including:

Better than Takeout Cashew Chicken (or Tofu) Stir-Fry

Mexican Quinoa and Beans

Vegetable Thai Curry

Millet Pilaf with Roasted Butternut Squash, Black Beans & Pumpkin Seeds

Slow Cooker Vegetable Enchilada Casserole

The sensational suppers satisfy on every level.


How is 30 Eat Clean Dinners Different from
Other Anti-Inflammatory Programs?


30 Eat Clean Dinners was developed as a meal planning solution for the readers of Ivy’s Clean Cuisine website. “Clean Cuisine” is Ivy’s term for the foods and recipes you’ll find on her website. It is vibrant, healthy, flavor-forward food. Clean Cuisine bridges the gap between what is good for us and what tastes good. Clean Cuisine is sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and simple to prepare. When you eat Clean Cuisine’s 30 Eat Clean Dinners you get much more than just “all-natural” eating. You get:

    • Healthy food loaded with anti-aging properties. A Clean Cuisine dinner is nutrient-dense and includes anti-inflammatory foods and ingredients that have intrinsic healing, health-promoting and anti-aging properties.
    • An environmentally responsible, sustainable way of eating. When you prepare Clean Cuisine dinners, you are making ethically conscious, sustainable food choices. Choosing more unprocessed, whole foods and cutting down on animal foods is good for you and for the environment.
    • Nutrient-dense, balanced meals without counting calories. By changing the emphasis of your nutritional focus to “making food count”, you can stop worrying about calories and stop “counting what you eat.” Did you know your body burns significantly more calories breaking down “whole” foods than processed foods? 30 Eat Clean Dinners will fill you up and help you slim down while providing your body the nutrients it needs to support a healthy metabolism.
    • Delicious food! Best of all, 30 Eat Clean Dinners recipes offer anti-inflammatory diet recipes that are fresh and unspeakably good. Combine that with being guilt-free and easy to prepare, and what more could you want?


Can “30 Eat Clean Dinners” Help Me Lose Weight?



Lamb Stew on Page 23

Absolutely! Even if you do nothing more but change what you eat for dinner for 30 days you can still lose weight.
By incorporating anti-inflammatory, nourishing foods and “making your food count nutritionally”, you can stop “counting your food” and stop fretting over calories. You can stop going hungry, stop feeling deprived and start eating real food!

Adopting a clean, anti-inflammatory diet menu for 30 days will help reprogram your metabolism, fight food cravings and help you lose unwanted pounds…without counting a single calorie, carb or fat gram!

“I am so excited that I was able to lose 5 pounds in 30 days just by changing what I ate for dinner! Best of all 30 Eat Clean Dinners actually tasted better than what I was eating before.” – Anna Brady

“My husband, Mark, has lost 40 pounds in about five weeks just by changing his poor eating habits and switching to the delicious, good and healthy recipes in this menu collection. He now has more energy and sleeps better at night too. We liked the food photos because we could visualize how a dish would turn out. Photos especially helped encourage Mark to try unfamiliar and healthy dishes which were much different than what he was accustomed to eating.” – Mary and Mark Hinkofer

“30 Eat Clean Dinners is fabulous! It will be a kitchen companion for years because it offers so many different ways to cook and eat healthy, nutritious meals without feeling like you are on a diet and without feeling deprived. The recipes are very simple and fun to make, and I am convinced that everybody should at least for a month try to eat, following the shopping guide and the recipes in the menu collection.” – Boriana Allen


The 30 Eat Clean Dinner Menu Collection
Makes Eating Clean EASY!


Done in Ivy’s signature style, in good taste and good health, the 30 Eat Clean Dinners collection has it all…
Gives you a full month of nourishing, anti-inflammatory diet menu dinners

Provides “pre-prep” notes to streamline dinner preparation

Includes two separate printable shopping lists for each week’s menu
(broken down into cooking for two people or cooking for four)

Offers name brand product resource guide

Incorporates easy-to-digest nutrition tips throughout

Provides simple symbol guide with each recipe

“I love Ivy and I love this menu collection! Despite being in the fitness field myself, I find the process of creating healthy, nutrient-rich and whole food meals on a consistent basis to be entirely too stressful. After reading just the first paragraph, Ivy’s “best-friend” writing style totally put me at ease. Instead of feeling like you’re being advised by a fitness guru who knows it all, Ivy’s warm, engaging and approachable style makes the idea of changing your diet totally doable. The meals are not labor intensive and the weekly shopping guides take all the guess work away. It feels good to hear someone say that it’s okay to take it one meal at a time – it really is that simple, and that’s what Ivy has inspired me to do. Let’s do it together. Meal by meal, we can make changes by adopting the clean eating lifestyle!” – Natalie Hicks, Certified Personal Trainer


Vibrant, Full-Color Photography!


Ivy recognizes the importance of visual appeal and knows we all want to see what the finished recipe
is supposed to look like. 30 Eat Clean Dinners includes over 45 professional, full-color photographs
of the recipes plus an easy-to-read index to help you find your favorite dishes.

Carrot, Basil & Nut Salad on Page 68 and Puttanesca Penne with Calamari on Page 69


Who Is Ivy Larson?


My name is Ivy Larson. In 1998, when I was just 22-years old, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My neurologist suggested that a change in my diet might slow the progression of my disease. At the time my husband, Andy, was finishing medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, and he was a bit skeptical; nobody was really talking about nutritional therapy for MS back then but Andy started researching diet and disease, and that’s when we learned how much what you eat really matters. It matters a lot!

Ivy, Blake & Andrew Larson

      We learned an anti-inflammatory diet was beneficial for slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis and for improving the symptoms of many other inflammatory conditions. We also learned an anti-inflammatory diet is good for your heart, waistline, eyes, brain and even mood!

Between Andy’s research and my trial-and-error in the kitchen, we learned to navigate the world of healing, natural foods and we developed a “clean eating” anti-inflammatory diet based on unrefined whole foods. We soon discovered that we actually liked eating clean better than the way we ate before! Not only did we feel better, but the food tasted better too. My health improved, Andy’s blood pressure dropped and he lost weight.

When our son, Blake, was born in 2001 we introduced him to the same nourishing, anti-inflammatory foods we were eating after he was weaned. Blake has reaped the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet from birth and he has enjoyed incredible health.

In 2005 we published our first book, the bestselling Gold Coast Cure outlining an anti-inflammatory diet and since then we have expanded our research, updated our guidelines, written two additional books and launched our online resource, Our fourth book, titled Clean Cuisine will be published by Penguin January 2013.


You’ll Fall in Love with the Convenience of 30 Eat Clean Dinners!


The 30 Eat Clean Dinners menu collection is designed for busy people who love good food. The collection gives you an entire month of deliciously different clean eating menus that are are simple enough for any home cook to prepare. The recipes are organized the way that Ivy cooks in her own house, with Meat Free Mondays, Fish on Fridays, “flexitarian” entrees, and other tricks and tips she has developed over the past decade that help make the clean eating mentality second nature.
Here’s a sample of what a week’s shopping list looks like:

Right from 30 Eat Clean Dinners- Week One

“I love my job as a fitness expert but I have a crazy busy schedule. I work very long hours, travel extensively (often internationally) and I’ m the mother of two small children. I simply wouldn’t have the energy to do what I do if I didn’t eat clean. I’ve known Ivy for years and we share the same philosophy on nutrition (Ivy even did the recipe development for my last book!) I love cooking with Ivy’s recipes and I love 30 Eat Clean Dinners because the food tastes amazing, it’s easy to make and I know it’s super healthy.” – Tracey Mallett, International Fitness Expert, Author, Creator of The Booty Barre


If Not Now, Then When?


There has never been a better time to take the next step in eating clean to improve your health,
improve your appearance, slow the aging process and feel better!

How do I Get 30 Eat Clean Dinners?


30 Eat Clean Dinners is not a book – it’s a thirty-day recipe and menu collection that you can download immediately onto your computer. Purchasing it provides you with instant access. No book reader or complicated software is required! If you can open an e-mail, you can have this beautiful, full-color collection in moments.

Ivy's 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Ivy is so sure that you’ll love 30 Eat Clean Dinners that she is offering you a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy. If you have questions or concerns please contact our support team at

Remember, 30 Eat Clean Dinners is a DIGITAL ONLY Menu Collection that you print at home.
You will not receive a hard copy by mail when purchased.
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